The Best of OCNJ: Pizza


When you’re headed to the beach for a vacation, you’re expecting a lot of things – you can’t wait to feel the warm sand under your feet and to dive into the water. You’re dreaming of salty boardwalk fries and ice cream and other treats.

But there’s one more element to the perfect beach trip, and if you aren’t looking forward to it already, you should be. And that’s boardwalk pizza.

If your beach destination is Ocean City, NJ, then you’re in luck. It’s no secret that OCNJ has some of the best restaurants on any beach – and pizza shops are no exception.

Maybe you’re already a pro at hunting down the best pizza in OCNJ. But in case you’ve missed a few, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to get pizza in OCNJ. Some of them are not only the best pizza shops in OCNJ, but they’re also the best restaurants there as well, serving everything from pizza and sandwiches to subs and pasta.

In no particular order, here are the best pizza places in OCNJ.


1. Manco & Manco – 8th, 9th, 12th Streets and Boardwalk

When it comes to pizza, experience counts. If a pizza shop has been around for over 60 years and is still successful, that’s a powerful statement. That’s the case with Manco & Manco, which has been family owned and operated since 1956. They’re an OCNJ tradition, with many loyal customers who would never dream of getting their boardwalk pizza anywhere else.

They’ve got three locations on the boardwalk as well as a fourth location in Ocean Heights Shopping Center that’s open all year long. They also deliver to anywhere in Ocean City for free, easily making them one of the most convenient places on this list.


Manco & Manco’s is not only convenient and classic, but they’re known for their thin and crispy slices of pizza, and for pairing with Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer.

They only accept cash though, so be prepared. The menu at their boardwalk locations is also fairly small, being limited almost exclusively to pizza and beverages. Their most popular styles are their plain and their white pizzas.

If you’re visiting their year round location Manco & Manco Too, the menu has a little more variety, offering things like wings, chicken and appetizers. At this location, the Ricotta & Garlic, the Buffalo Chicken and the Hawaiian pizzas are all crowd favorites.


2. Piccini – 1270 West Avenue

If you’re looking for pizza that’s a little more gourmet that Manco’s traditional boardwalk pizza, give Piccini’s a try. They have one location on the corner of 13th and West, and they’re open all year round.

Piccini boasts more of a restaurant experience, with indoor and outdoor seating and a wider menu that includes pasta, chicken, sandwiches and seafood. Even with the other options, they’re still best known for their wood fired brick oven pizza.

Don’t feel like going out? Piccini also delivers. Having a party? They also cater. No matter how you want to enjoy Piccini’s pizza, there’s an option for you. The prices are affordable, and the portions are huge. Like Manco’s, they only accept cash, so be sure you’re prepared.

Piccini’s is always packed in the summer. Give yourself plenty of time or plan your trip around peak dinner hour. Seating inside might be crowded, but there’s plenty of outdoor seating to accommodate you and all of your friends and family.


3. Bennie’s Bread – 1159 Asbury Avenue

This is another Ocean City pizza shop that’s had a long history of success, all the way back to 1957. The story of the shop is fascinating in its own right. The shop itself has taken various forms and changed hands multiple times. Most notably, it was recently rebuilt and restyled after Hurricane Sandy swept through in 2012.


Bennie’s is best known for their famous “tomato pie.” They bake true Neapolitan pizzas in a wood-fired brick oven in a variety of styles and with a broad range of toppings. Their menu also includes sandwiches, soups and salads.

They aren’t just a pizzeria and restaurant, however. They’re also an Italian market, and they bake and sell famously delicious bread and rolls that they then use on the sandwiches in the restaurant. Their bakery menu also includes cakes, pies and other pastries, and the market sells a wide selection of meats and cheese imported from Italy. They also sell a line of homemade sauces.

Whether you’re looking for a pizza restaurant, an authentic Italian market, or just a fascinating piece of OCNJ history, you’ll find it at Bennie’s Bread.


4. Preps – 1004 Boardwalk

Preps is another boardwalk pizza shop tradition, open since the 60’s and located near 10th Street. They don’t deliver, but perhaps they make up for that in one significant way. They sell ice cream.

Not only do they sell ice cream in every flavor and color of the rainbow, but they also sell milkshakes, frozen yogurt, brownies, waffles and other sweet treats. Their toppings menu is particularly tempting, featuring everything from fruit like pineapple and strawberries to sauces like hot fudge and marshmallow and everything in between like sprinkles, gummy bears and cookie dough.

On top of that, they still sell pizza. Their specialty is called the “red pie,” which is a pizza made and served with no cheese. They serve a wide range of pizzas and toppings as well as a delicious assortment of sandwiches, salads and sodas.

Their prices are extremely reasonable, and they also offer large portions. The dining atmosphere is a casual, old-fashioned diner feel that’s perfect for a group of friends or a family and kids. Preps is a great spot to hang out and get dinner or to drop by later in the evening to get some sweet treats for dessert.

They also sell an assortment of fun Preps gear, like t-shirts and hoodies with the Preps logo on them, in case you’re a longtime customer and want to rep your favorite pizza shop.


5. Express Pizza – 719 Battersea Road

This place is a North End/Gardens favorite spot. They’re not located on the boardwalk, which allows them to stay open all year round. They are an eat-in restaurant, but they also offer fast delivery to anywhere on the island, and they offer the takeout option as well.

Their pizza, which has been around since the 1980s, is known for its thick crust and its sweet sauce. Customers can choose from Neapolitan, New York or Sicilian pizza, and their menu doesn’t stop with pizza, either. They also serve burgers, wings, subs and sandwiches, including their specialty Express Steak Sandwiches.

One of their most notable claims is that they’re the best-priced pizza in town, which makes them a popular and affordable destination for your pizza needs all year long. They’re also family owned and operated which gives them a cozy, non-commercialized atmosphere.


6. Angelo’s – 1328 Boardwalk

Angelo’s is another boardwalk pizza shop located near the OCNJ Fishing Pier at 14th Street. They don’t deliver, but they do offer a sit-down restaurant with waiter service, as well as a take-out option.


They serve a classic New York-style pizza with a wide range of available toppings. Their menu also includes the standard varieties of Italian style dishes such as pasta, subs and chicken.

The restaurant has a casual atmosphere, fast service and plenty of indoor seating which makes them ideal for taking the whole family or going with a large group of friends.


7. Ventura’s Greenhouse – 106 S. Benson Avenue (Margate)

Looking for an adventure off the island? Why not visit Ventura’s Greenhouse! They have a lot of fun offerings that set them apart from other entries on this list.

Ventura’s Greenhouse has a tiki bar that’s open during the summer months, as well as a heated rooftop bar that’s also open during the summer. They have regular seating in their café, and their Ocean View Dining Room. This lets customers have the option of choosing their dining experience.

Regarding their menu, their pizza is best known for its sweet crust, and they’re also known for their delicious white pizza and pizza with long hots. They also serve a variety of other foods and offer an extensive drink menu as well.

One of the best things about Ventura’s Greenhouse? They offer free pizza in the Café, Monday through Friday from 3-6pm.


8. Bocca Coal-Fired Pizza – 7805 Ventnor Avenue (Margate)

One of the newer entries on this list, Bocca is located in Margate City on Ventnor Ave and has only been open for a few years. Like, Ventura’s Greenhouse, customers can choose from multiple different dining experiences. There’s a casual pizzeria, a formal dining room and a bar and lounge area.

Bocca’s specialty is their coal-fired pizza. The rest of the food at Bocca’s is cooked in the same huge coal-fired oven as well, giving all the food a crisp, charred crust and a distinct flavor. Their menu is also much wider than a lot of other pizza shops on this list, featuring items such as scallops, crab and ribs. They also have an extensive drinks menu.


They also offer catering, making them even more versatile, and Bocca’s is also home to fun events as open mic nights and live music.

And there you have it. With this list as your guide, you’ll have no trouble tracking down the best pizza in OCNJ. Whether you’re just looking to grab a quick snack on the boardwalk, a casual place to sit down with a group of friends or a more sophisticated bar atmosphere, there’s something on this list for everyone.


To help you get the most out of your pizza shop adventures on your beach trip, we’ve also included a couple of our favorite tips.

  • Make sure you plan when you’re visiting a pizza shop. Most of them are popular destinations among beach-goers and are always packed with crowds during peak meal hours. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, you might want to eat a little before or a little after dinner time.
  • Remember to carry cash. A lot of boardwalk restaurants only accept cash, so be sure to plan and carry a few bills instead of your credit card. Some places do accept a card, though, so be sure to check before you go to make sure you know what to expect.
  • Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path. Everyone goes to the places on the boardwalk, because they’re the most convenient, but some of the places on this list are way off the boardwalk and may be less traveled because of it. Be adventurous and give one of these places a try.
  • Visit during the off season. Granted, most of the boardwalk shops will be closed, but the off-boardwalk ones will still be open. Not only that, but there will sometimes be a different crowd and atmosphere when they aren’t packed with summer tourists.
  • Be daring with the menu. Everyone gets the signature items, and for a good reason – they’re delicious. But let’s be honest, you’ve had it a hundred times. Why not mix it up a little bit? The menus at these pizza shops are full of hidden treasures. Why not try the seafood at Piccini’s or a wild pizza topping at Prep’s? You never know what new favorites you might discover.

Whether you’re planning a beach trip for a week or the whole summer, make it a priority this summer to explore some of these great pizza shops in OCNJ. Find one you love and make it part of your beach traditions, or mix it up and explore them all.


The Best of OCNJ: Cafes and Quick Bites

Best Restaurants in Ocean City, NJ

best restaurants and cafes in ocnj

Perhaps you’re starting a new family tradition of vacationing in OCNJ, or maybe you’ve been coming here since your childhood. Either way, everyone knows one of the best things about vacation is the food. When you’re searching for restaurant recommendations, you want to talk to someone who knows the area well. Unfortunately, you don’t always have connections with people in the place you’re going to visit. Online recommendations and websites with full menus are great, but articles with content from the locals are the best.

Even though some websites may offer you a chance to look at the menu, how will you know the local favorites? When it comes to dining out in OCNJ, you’ve come to the right place – as a leader in the luxury real estate business, over the years we’ve come to know and love this beautiful resort town. We’re excited to share our list of best restaurants in OCNJ with you so that you and your family can get to know and enjoy this charming place we call home.


Jon & Patty’s Coffee Bar Bistro – 637 Asbury Avenue

The place that tops our list of best cafes in OCNJ is also at the top of many other lists – proven by the fact that they are ranked first on Trip Advisor’s list of best restaurants in Ocean City, NJ. Jon & Patty’s Coffee Bar Bistro is a great place for early risers and night owls alike.

Restaurants have been a part of Jon and Patty’s life from the very beginning. Throughout their relationship, they worked at a couple of different restaurants together, and always dreamed of opening their own. In 2008, that dream became a reality – they opened Jon & Patty’s so they could make meals for the people in this resort town just as if they were guests in their home. Their focus is creating “fresh, healthy, creative and affordable neighborhood bistro fare” for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether you come early and take advantage of one of their many breakfast specials, want something quick for lunch to maximize your beach time, or are looking for a cozy place for a date night – you’re sure to find a bite to eat that you’ll love.

Early risers can enjoy a variety of breakfast specials, including the house cured salmon and smoked fish salad platter for the seafood lovers. For those who enjoy a unique twist on a classic dish, they have a bistro omelet (featuring their homemade pesto). They also have breakfast tacos for those who want something quick and easy, a banana boat acai bowl for the health conscious and let’s not forget blueberry delight pancakes for the traditionalists! Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to wash it down with their cold brew coffee, or choose from a few different lattes (Cheesecake latte for breakfast? Yes please!).

Jon & Patty’s would also certainly be recognized in any guide to OCNJ quick eats, as their lunch specials are the perfect solution for beachgoers who want a delicious bite to eat, but don’t want to sacrifice their beach time. Choose from fish tacos, shrimp rolls, pork sandwich, roasted beet salad or asparagus, lemon, goat cheese quiche. After a day at the beach, this cozy, intimate restaurant is the perfect place for a date night – whether you’re dining with your significant other or bringing the kids. Choose from a variety of appetizer specials to share, followed by surf and turf. Prefer just the surf or the turf? They have specials for each of those as well.


Hula Grill – 940 Boardwalk

If you’ve ever wanted a taste of Hawaii without having to travel a few thousand miles away from the East Coast, Hula Grill will certainly make your list of best cafes in OCNJ for lunch. Before David Rihl, founder and head chef opened Hula Grill he was cooking in a food truck serving lunch to surfers and backpackers on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. That’s right – when we claim this is a taste of Hawaii, we mean it! When he made his way back to New Jersey, he opened one of the best places for lunch in OCNJ, right on the boardwalk.


hula grill ocnj


The boardwalk location is convenient for a quick lunch break along the beach. Choose from indoor or outdoor seating. Regardless of which you choose, you’re sure to find surf décor that is fun for all ages. The menu includes several great Hawaiian dishes, but the favorite for lunch and dinner is the Hawaiian chicken. If you’d prefer a seafood dish, you’ll be happy to see a variety of options from the sea, including coconut shrimp, grilled Ahi, salmon and crab cakes.

If you love David’s food as much as we do, you’ll be happy to know you can take a piece of it home with you. David started bottling a few of his delicious, authentic sauces and he posts some of his favorite recipes on the Hula Sauces Blog. Not only can you purchase bottles of your favorite sauces, but you can also follow his blog to create your own taste of Hawaii when you head back home. He also offers catering for events and parties, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your next event as you share these great Hawaiian dishes. While each of the cafes on our list has its bragging rights, we can’t deny that there isn’t much that could encompass a beach theme more than Hawaiian fare.


4th Street Café – Corner of 4th Street and Atlantic Avenue

Located one block from the beach, this eclectic café is sure to be one of your favorite cafes in Ocean City, NJ. The charming building has a front patio for dining al fresco and the interior is just as pleasant. At this place, you’re sure to feel more like a friend coming over for breakfast that someone trying a new hot spot. Speaking of breakfast, it’s served all day, along with their handcrafted baked treats and hot and cold espresso drinks. Their breakfast menu includes everything from homemade granola to gourmet toasts. They also have healthy smoothies and three different breakfast panini sandwiches available every day – these sandwiches consist of fresh farm eggs, focaccia and some mix of meat and grilled vegetables.

If you aren’t a big fan of breakfast, lunch is served every day but Sunday and you can get dinner Wednesday through Saturday. The lunch and dinner menus are constantly changing, so if you’ve already had the opportunity to get a meal at the 4th Street Café, there will be plenty of new options for you to try when you go back.

The ever-changing menus aren’t the only things about the 4th Street Café that are unique – their décor features artwork from near and far. Every two weeks, the artwork changes, so you certainly won’t get bored as you admire the walls while you enjoy their delicious food. If you see something that you just can’t seem to stop staring at, you can take it home with you. That’s right, the artwork is all available for guests to purchase.


Barefoot Market – 214 West Avenue

Obviously, it’s a requirement to have fantastic baked goods if you’re going to make it on our list as one of the best cafes in OCNJ. Barefoot Market goes above and beyond. One customer claims in an online review these are the “best scones in the world” – a bold claim you’ll have to determine for yourself. Every day there are three types of scones to choose from – and we have yet to hear of one that people don’t like. All of them are crunchy and crispy on the outside with a soft buttery interior, just the way they’re supposed to be.


barefoot market ocnj


While a lot of people rave about the scones, the other baked goods they have are delicious, too. They have fresh, warm cinnamon buns and a diverse selection of muffins, including a few flavors we’re sure you’ve never tried before (yogurt cappuccino anyone?). If you’re looking for a place to grab a coffee (they have La Colombe!) and a snack before a morning walk on the beach, Barefoot Market is for you. If you aren’t a big fan of baked goodies in the morning, there are other options for breakfast that vary depending on the day. Quiche is a popular favorite. If you’re not in a hurry, you can grab a copy of the newspaper and have a seat at one of their small tables on the porch while you enjoy your morning coffee.

If you aren’t a morning person, lucky for you this place isn’t just about getting a coffee and a treat to go – it also serves sandwiches on freshly baked bread for lunch. With the amount of praise their scones and breakfast treats get, you can imagine the superior quality of their bread. In addition to their tasty baked goods and sandwiches, there’s even a small section of items on display in the café – much like a miniature farmer’s market table – with local honey, jellies and chutneys you can take home with you.


New York Café – 928 Haven Avenue

With a name like New York Café, it’s no surprise that a big part of the reason this place is one of the best cafes in Ocean City, NJ, is because of its New York bagels. Every day they bake 14 different kinds of bagels using tried and true recipes – no shortcuts – and they have a bunch of cream cheese and fruit spreads to match. Eat your bagel plain, with cream cheese, or get it as a part of your breakfast sandwich. Whatever you do, if you go to this café, make sure you get a bagel. If you like them as much as we do, you’ll be happy to know they offer platters as a part of their catering options.

Bagels are still a big part of the lunch menu, as you can order several of the sandwiches on a bagel of your choice. In addition to several cold sandwiches, the menu includes cheeseburgers, cheesesteaks and several paninis – all with French fries or salad as a side. If you’d like something with fewer carbs, there’s something for you at this café, too. In addition to its extensive list of sandwiches, its lunch menu has an entire section dedicated to great, healthy salads. You’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy on your lunch break. We Love our salads topped with blackened chicken or salmon.

Regardless of whether you go for breakfast or lunch, you’re sure to be in and out in a “New York minute”.


Sandwich Bar – 3225 and 955 Asbury Avenue

If you’re wondering where you can go to find the best sandwiches in OCNJ, the Sandwich Bar is it. With two convenient locations, making a trip to this place shouldn’t be a problem. The two locations have different hours and slightly different menus, so make sure to get information on the one you want to go to. The philosophy behind the menu at both places is the same – a limited amount of options that are made without cutting any corners. The staff would rather have a limited menu of superior options than a large menu of mediocre ones. We can say without hesitation they’ve succeeded in creating delicious sandwiches that are a step above the rest.


sandwich bar ocnj


You’d be hard pressed to find a sandwich on the Sandwich Bar’s menu that you wouldn’t like, but their specialties are slow cooked pork and chicken cutlet sandwiches. If you’re looking for something from the sea, you’ll be happy to know they also have a fresh lobster roll on their menu.

One of the best parts about this place is the fact that they have gluten-free options too. Whether you choose a lobster roll or one of the famous pork or chicken sandwiches, you’ll have the opportunity to dine outside at both locations, taking in the ocean air as you enjoy one of the best sandwiches in OCNJ. If you fall in love with the sandwiches, you have the opportunity to purchase sandwich trays for your next party.


We Know OCNJ Cafes and Restaurants


best restaurants in ocnj


In a resort town like Ocean City, NJ, there are several options for delicious dining regardless of whether you’re heading on a date night with the family or your significant other. While this list encompasses our guide to OCNJ restaurants, there are many more to choose from. We’re always discovering new and fun places to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We know OCNJ – we call this charming resort town home and would love to help you do the same. Whether you’re exploring vacation rental options or looking to make this beautiful city your permanent home, we know this place well. We also own some of the best properties in the area. You can start browsing properties on our website and if you find one you like, or would like some help getting started, contact us so one of our real estate agents can show you around this lovely resort town we call home.

New Listings

1720 Boardwalk Unit 2, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

1720 Boardwalk Unit 2, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

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1720 Boardwalk Unit 2 Ocean City New Jersey 08226
5 bedrooms, 5 baths

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14 W Revere Place Unit A, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

14 W Revere Place Unit A, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

Wonderful Ocean City continues to improve in leaps and bounds. Snug Harbor Lagoon has been dredged and has now been transformed into a boater’s paradise. Offering Deep-water and easy 24 hour navigation in and out, providing a perfect boaters lifestyle. The old “eyesore” gas stations at the foot of the Ocean City Bridge have been demolished with plans in place to build a beautiful family park. NOW AVAILABLE – LUXURY NEW Construction. Exterior features include: Deep-water slips, gracious outside entertaining area overlooking the lagoon and creating the perfect ambiance for entertaining family and friends. Fully maintenance free exterior features Cedar impressions siding, Azek trim boards, custom columns with beautiful stone foundation, over-sized decks along with an attached garage with incredible storage area. Interior features include an open floor plan design with soaring ceilings, gas remote fireplace, incredible mill work package, dramatic water views, dream kitchen including upgraded stainless steel appliance package, granite counter tops and custom cabinetry. The stylish bathrooms are fully tiled boasting designer fixtures, handheld wand, and glass surrounds.

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14 W Revere Place Duplex, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

Luxurious Bay Front duplex with incredible views! This impressive new construction home is a boater’s paradise located on the recently dredged Snug Harbor Lagoon. Both floors feature 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms with high-end finishes, custom tile showers, an open floor plan design with breathtaking water views, fabulous designer kitchen with custom cabinets, under-cabinet lighting, granite counters, upgraded stainless steel appliances, tile backsplash, high ceilings, wainscoting and hardwood floors throughout. Each unit is complete with additional storage area on the ground floor, attached garage, access to a deep water boat slip and beautifully manicured yard. The property is maintenance free with cedar impression siding, a new composite fixed pier and an irrigation system. Great opportunity to own a new construction bay front duplex! Both floors are individually for sale as well. Call today for your private tour!

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New Listings

2861 West Avenue, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

2861 West Avenue, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

Stunning three story single family home is only steps to the beach! This one-of-a-kind corner property features over 2500 sq. ft. of living space, five bedrooms, four full bathrooms and one half bath, an expansive great room for entertaining, modern kitchen fit for a chef with upgraded cherry cabinets, quartz counter tops, tile backsplash, under-counter lighting, stainless steel appliances, an additional first floor cabana room, six total decks including two wrap-around porches and a rooftop deck with ocean views, 3 car garage, an outside shower with direct access to tiled foyer and a beautifully landscaped fenced-in yard. This magnificent home is move-in ready and has been professionally decorated. You must see this home to fully appreciate this fabulous property! Call today for your private tour!

2861 West Avenue Ocean City New Jersey 08226
5 bedrooms, 4 baths

New Listings

14 W Revere Place Unit B, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

14 W Revere Place Unit B, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

Luxurious Bay Front 2nd floor condo with incredible views! This impressive new construction home is a boater’s paradise located on the recently dredged Snug Harbor Lagoon. The extravagant condo features 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms with high-end finishes, custom tile showers, an open floor plan design with breathtaking water views, a stunning coffered ceiling, fabulous designer kitchen with custom cabinets, under-cabinet lighting, granite counters, upgraded stainless steel appliances and tile backsplash. The bay side and rooftop decks are perfect for entertaining or sunbathing while enjoying truly unique panoramic views of Ocean City, the new 9th Street bridge and the open bay. This property is complete with an attached garage, additional storage area, maintenance free cedar impression siding, new composite fixed pier and a deep water boat slip. Great opportunity to own a spectacular bay front home! 1st floor also available for sale. Call today for your private tour!

14 W Revere Place Unit B Ocean City New Jersey 08226
4 bedrooms, 3 baths

New Listings

884 Park Place 1st Floor, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

884 Park Place 1st Floor, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

Expansive four bedroom, two and one-half bath first floor condo in a great Ocean City, NJ Northend neighborhood. Only a short walk to beautiful beaches and the famous Ocean City boardwalk. Enjoy ocean breezes on the large covered porch, or relax on the master bedroom deck. A great home for making seashore memories.

884 Park Place 1st Floor Ocean City New Jersey 08226
4 bedrooms, 2 baths

New Listings

2912 Wesley Avenue First Floor, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

2912 Wesley Avenue First Floor, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

This oversized beachfront property has unlimited potential to be your very own oceanside oasis! The main level features an expansive great room overlooking the ocean with a generously sized beachfront balcony. The open floor plan includes a living area with gas log fireplace, hardwood floors, dining area and newer kitchen with granite countertops. The property has four bedrooms, four full bathrooms and a laundry room with washer, dryer and wash sink. Two bedrooms share a jack and jill bathroom and another full bath opens to the hall and is perfect for guests. The oceanfront master suite includes a large walk-in closet, master bathroom with Jacuzzi tub and shower, as well as a private entrance to the large ocean front deck. The ground level features a bonus room, two storage closets, full bath and one and a half car garage. Enjoy the direct beach access and proximity to restaurants, playgrounds, tennis and shopping. Purchase to enjoy or use as an investment property and generate rental income. The property is being offered for sale in as-is condition. Subject to third party approval.

2912 Wesley Avenue First Floor Ocean City New Jersey 08226
4 bedrooms, 4 baths

New Listings

641 Ocean Avenue First Floor, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

641 Ocean Avenue First Floor, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

Pristine 2,400 square foot five bedroom, four bathroom first floor condo located in the heart of Ocean City with easy access to beach, boardwalk and downtown! The home features a huge great room, multiple exterior decks, over-sized modern kitchen, additional ground floor bonus room, master suite with large walk-in closet and whirlpool bath. This move-in ready property has spacious accommodations with 5 large bedrooms that comfortably sleep up to 14 people. There is also a garage and off-street parking. Enjoy all Ocean City has to offer in this incredible location as you will be walking distance to downtown shopping, dining, boardwalk amusements, guarded beaches, multiple places of worship, skate park, ball fields, basketball and tennis courts. Great for a year round residence in a desirable school district, summer retreat for the extended family or perfect investment property with a strong rental history. Call today for additional details and your private tour.

641 Ocean Avenue First Floor Ocean City New Jersey 08226
5 bedrooms, 4 baths