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A Rental Property Maintenance Guide for Homeowners

There’s a long list of advantages to owning a rental beach home, including the extra income, chance to meet new, interesting people, and opportunity to enjoy your beach home as you choose. Of course, owning a rental home also comes with one important factor to consider: upkeep. When you have different renters living in your home or it sits vacant for periods of time, maintenance and upkeep is a prime concern.

Here’s a short list to consider when you’re planning your vacation home routine maintenance:

  • Exterior. Several times per year, you should visually inspect the exterior of your home. Focus on the roofing, looking for loose, missing shingles or damage around the soffits. Examine your windows and doors, checking that they all close properly and lock. If you’re handy with basic tools, you can make small repairs, such as reattaching loose shingles or siding or repainting doorjambs and window frames. If you detect any bigger problems, it’s best to contact an expert for an assessment. Be sure to power wash the exterior of your home and your porch or deck from year to year to keep it in tip-top shape. Last, but not least, consider having your property sprayed for insects so that others can enjoy your rental home.
  • Plumbing. Depending on the age and level of finishing of your home, the plumbing may be more or less exposed. Check and repair small leaks in your faucets and drains. You shouldn’t neglect a leak, even if it’s small, because it will likely become a big leak. If your home will be left vacant during winter, you should take extra care to shut off the water and drain it from any areas that risk freezing, such as in your basement or along outside walls. Whenever you are getting ready for the summer season, test all inside and outside showers, turn on the hot water heater, and schedule any necessary services.
  • Electricity. It’s important to take great care when inspecting your electricity. You can test circuit breakers in your bathrooms, for example, or for the entire house in the fuse panel. Make sure all fuses and breakers are up to code. Any malfunctioning switches or plugs should be replaced immediately, as they can present a fire hazard. Take the time to check that all light bulbs are working, inside and out, and provide extras in the event that one goes out. Remember to check your smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, replace flashlights that don’t work, and stock up on extra batteries.
  • Beach-specific items. There are many parts to a beach home that require maintenance that are not found in many other homes. For example, if you have an outdoor shower at your OCNJ rental beach home, be sure to turn on the water and check for any leaks. Be sure to check all of the beach gear you are providing to your renters to make sure they are all in working condition. Bikes, beach chairs, and umbrellas can be easily forgotten and may not be safe for use. Replace anything that is worn, dirty, or not suitable for use for the rest of the summer.
  • Parking. Ocean City, New Jersey, is a popular summer beach destination and the influx of vacationers can make it difficult to find parking in the summer months. When renting to out-of-towners, it is important to provide information on where they can, should, and cannot park. If you have parking spaces, clearly identify which are yours. If you only have street parking available, suggest the best places to park for your temporary guests.
  • Deep Cleaning. Your beach home experiences a lot of wear and tear over summer months. We suggest that you do a bi-annual deep clean in 5 major areas of your OCNJ beach rental home: the bathrooms, the kitchen, closets and storage areas, the walls, and doors and trim. Touch up the painting, scrub the nooks and crannies, and make sure all interior amenities are in good working order. Once that is complete, inspect your outdoor lawn furniture, if you have an outdoor space, porch or deck. Anything that is broken or worn should be replaced for your new guests.

These are a few of the major upkeep items to consider for your rental beach home in Ocean City, New Jersey. For a complete guide, contact us online or by phone and a representative will be able to provide more information to you.

As experts in luxury home sales and rental in and around Ocean City, our team at Goldcoast Sotheby’s International Realty understand the required steps to protecting your home and ensure its value. Give us a call if you have any questions, or if you’re interested in purchasing your next rental beach house!


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