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Family Vacations With Amazing Views

Family Vacations With Amazing Views

There is a small town on the southern shore of NJ where the air is crisp, the beaches are sandy white, and the world famous boardwalk hosts many precious memories.  Ocean City, known as “America’s Greatest Family Resort”, has been a family vacation destination since the late nineteenth century.  It is the perfect destination for those trying to escape the rat race and enjoy the simplicity of watching the tide roll in.  Where should you stay? There are vacation rentals for everyone including those looking for a luxurious stay to those looking for a more affordable retreat.  Here are our top picks for 2016.

If you would like to see the property click on the addresses listed below.


2131 Wesley Avenue, First Floor


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1000 Ocean Ave – C, Second Floor



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5025 Central Avenue, First Floor


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3516 Wesley Avenue, T/H


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3833 Central Avenue, First Floor


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2225 Wesley Avenue, T/H


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916 St. James Place, Single


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1500 Boardwalk #202, Second Floor


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2639 Wesley Avenue, Second Floor


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1437 Ocean Avenue, First Floor


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1810 Boardwalk, Second Floor


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