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Fly into Ocean City, NJ

26NThe fall season offers some of the best flying weather of the year. Cold, stable air and moderate temperatures are ideal for flying. Looking for your next weekend destination? Get out your sectional and find Ocean City Airport, 26N. It’s a great way to arrive at “America’s Favorite Family Resort.” Approach to runway 6/24 is either VFR or IFR, and services are available after landing. Ocean City Airport is a municipal airport, and like many others throughout the U.S., there’s a great restaurant attached, the Airport Diner. What better way to spend the weekend – logging time in the air, then spending time on the beach, bay or boardwalk before heading for home. Alternatively, tie down and make a weekend out of it by staying at one of the B&B’s or beachfront hotels in town.


OCNJ Airport Satellite View

Aviators and friends will want to be in Ocean City, NJ this weekend for the OCEAN CITY AIRPORT FESTIVAL. It’s a two-day event culminating Sunday with the BOARDWALK AEROBATIC AIRSHOW. In addition to the ground display of some unusual aircraft, there’s also plenty of entertainment scheduled for Saturday at the Airport, which is on Bay Avenue at 26th Street. On Saturday 9/24 at 11:00 a.m., events take flight with the Children’s Paper Airplane Contest. If you’ve ever been curious how a banner gets on one of those planes that fly over the beach, you’ll want to watch the Banner Pick-Up Demonstration. There’s also a radio controlled model airplane show, antique car and truck show and “Bubble Mania” for the kids and much more.

Sunday, be sure to be on the beach or boardwalk between 6th and 14th Streets for the BOARDWALK AEROBATIC AIRSHOW between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. for some fantastic aerobatic displays – loops, rolls, inverted flight, Cuban eights, synchronized teams and a lot more. You’ll also watch the U.S. Coast Guard Search and Rescue Demo and some beautiful vintage and jet fly-byes.

Visit the City’s official site for the airshow for the complete line up of events,


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