Single Family Homes for Sale in OCNJ — What You'll Want to Know

Single family houses are available throughout the island of Ocean City, NJ. Your home can be a retreat for yourself, a gathering place for summer vacations for the entire family, a rental investment, or a permanent residence in a city with highly varied seasons and attractions.

Summers in Ocean City are delightful because of the moderating influence of the ocean; winters also benefit from the tempering effect. This is a great place to live, with activities at every time of year — surfing, parades, shopping (including two spectacular Block Parties), First Night, Easter events, shows and concerts, and the famous Boardwalk with its two amusement parks, a water park, Music Pier, and a myriad of other entertainment activities.

Because land is not shared, as with a condo, single homes are slightly more expensive. However, they offer privacy, your own lawn, and the freedom of sole ownership. Prices tend to be lower back from the water, but nothing on Ocean City’s narrow island is very far from either ocean or bay. The Boardwalk and beach are usually within a half-mile of your home.

From magnificent multi-million dollar homes to small individual cottages, Goldcoast Sotheby’s International Realty will connect you to your dream home at the shore.

Single Family Homes for Sale in OCNJ — Finding Your Way

The City of Ocean City has single homes everywhere — along the ocean and in sections that are zoned as designated areas for single family houses. Those sections include The Gardens, The Riviera on the finger lagoons, Baylandings near the airport, Merion Park near the 34th Street entrance to the City, and Ocean City Homes near 55th Street.

Although single homes are scattered in every section, most are in the areas away from busy tourism. Single homes dot both the ocean and the bay. South of the entertainment section of the Boardwalk, luxurious single-family dwellings are along the ocean. Whatever your preference, you have a choice of price range and location.

The part of the island north of Battersea Road is known as "The Gardens." Single homes on gracious lots are situated on winding roads, many at the ocean beach or having beach views.

The Historic Zone, near the middle of the north end, contains mostly large single homes, some over 130 years old.

The city provides a full description (160 pages!) of that area, along with suggestions for retaining historic appearance. Most of those homes have been updated on the inside while retaining their external charm. Your realtor® can give you details on how to combine modern living with a century-old neighborhood.

Continuing south of the 9th Street gateway to the City, small communities of single family homes are all along the bay. Some of those have direct water access through the many lagoons and open bay properties.

The "Riviera" features many large new homes. Keep your boat tethered just outside your living room at its own dock, or launch it from the City’s public launches behind the Municipal Airport or at Corson’s Inlet in the far south.

Heading south, single homes continue through Baylandings and the largely re-built Merion Park, areas that feature larger lawns and relaxed living. Around 28th and 40th Streets you’ll find sailboats — an indication of quieter living. On the bay side, entire communities overlook the wetlands and wildlife refuge.

A bike path along Haven Avenue has its own groupings of single homes. The island narrows as you approach 60th Street and you find yourself no more than a block or two from the lovely ocean beach.

Single family homes are also located along the ocean, although many upscale oceanfront homes are duplexes. Your Goldcoast Sotheby’s International Realty professional can help you locate your ideal situation.

Single Family Homes for Rent

Because single homes in Ocean City, NJ, are popular rentals, you can enjoy using your own place and still rent for some of the weeks. If your house is intended as an investment, Goldcoast Sotheby’s International Realty will work with you to market it and locate qualified renters for you.

You've been a renter? Now make Ocean City your own.

Zoning in Ocean City is indicated on the City’s map. A realtor® from Goldcoast Sotheby’s International Realty can help you understand and navigate the multiple areas. No matter who is listing a property for sale, the Goldcoast professionals can assist you in examining all your choices and, in turn, bring your decision to reality.

Whatever your needs, a Goldcoast Sotheby’s International Realty specialist can show you choices and help in your decision making. Start looking for the perfect home for sale in OCNJ with our team of experts. It's time!

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