Luxury Homes for Sale in OCNJ — Your Guide

Luxury homes are available throughout the island City of Ocean City, NJ — your gathering place for summer vacations for the entire family, a desirable business asset, a permanent residence, or even a rental investment.

Luxury homes in Ocean City are located in nearly every section; most are near the beach or on the bay’s waters. They are defined by substantial square footage, four or more bedrooms and baths, upscale building materials and furnishings, and exclusive design.

That wide view of the ocean or bay is unbeatable and your shore home will become a magnet for guests, welcoming family and visitors with en suite bathrooms-bedrooms and capacious living space, delightful gathering places outside and in.

You might not be interested in cooking while on vacation, but, just in case, your luxury home will offer a gourmet kitchen, with high-end appliances, executive-chef appointments, and a prep counter that brings out creativity.

Expect to be surprised by the smart amenities and good taste, all in a charming resort setting.

Ocean City, NJ beach

Luxury Homes in OCNJ — Finding Your Way

The most spectacular upscale homes are along the ocean and bay fronts. Many are single-family houses; others are beautifully-situated large condos.

A concentration of ocean-front luxury homes begins just south of the entertainment section of the Boardwalk (around 19th Street, the beginning of the "Goldcoast"). The Boardwalk ends at 23rd Street and upscale homes and luxury condos continue along the beach all the way to 59th Street where the state park caps the south end of Ocean City. Others are back from the beach in quiet settings of understated comfort.

North of 4th Street, a few high-end condos front the Boardwalk; most are along the ocean beaches and wrap around the north end of the island to the bay front — north of Battersea Road in the area known as the "Gardens".

The bay has its own collections of prestigious homes — many with direct water access. Those tend to be single family upscale houses. Buyers who prefer an open view of the bay with a boat or swimming dock just outside the door will find ready selections along western street-ends and the roads that parallel the bay. Finger lagoons drop into the "Riviera" for another range of choices.

That variety of magnificent homes continues through the south end, a section of the island that features larger lawns and relaxed living — some just across a street from the lovely ocean beach. On the bay side, beautifully situated grand homes overlook the wetlands and wildlife refuge.

A realtor® from Goldcoast Sotheby’s International Realty can help you understand and navigate the multiple areas. No matter who is listing a property for sale, the Goldcoast professionals can assist you in examining all your choices and, in turn, bring your decision to reality. Combine luxury living with a vacation setting — the best of life and leisure.

Luxury Homes for Rent

Luxury homes represent a targeted rental opportunity with high cash flow potential. If your purchase is intended as an investment, Goldcoast Sotheby’s International Realty will work with you to market it and locate qualified renters for you.

Whatever your goals, a Goldcoast Sotheby’s International Realty specialist will research your opportunities, show you choices, and help in your decision making.

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