Where to Buy Groceries in OCNJ

When you’re on vacation at your beach home in Ocean City, NJ, you want to head out and sample the local restaurant fare and boardwalk treats. However, you might not always want to eat out for every meal. Many families enjoy the convenience of renting a vacation home, taking advantage of fully equipped kitchens to prepare casual meals, a lazy brunch or to pack a picnic to take to the beach or on a long bike ride.

To do these things, you’ll need to find reliable grocery stores in OCNJ where you can pick up your supplies.

Luckily, we have some good grocers located within walking distance of many Ocean City beach homes. You can stroll to the market and bring home your supplies with plenty of time left to enjoy your next activity.

A weekly highlight for shoppers is the Ocean City Farmers’ Market. Held every Wednesday during the summer from 8:00 a.m. to Noon on the Tabernacle grounds at 6th St. and Asbury Ave., you’ll find local produce, baked goods, seafood and more. You’ll even find beautiful flowers to dress up your summer table. Residents and visitors alike enjoy talking to the merchants selling their wares and finding new fruits, veggies and fish to try, as well as using recipes suggested by local farmers and fishermen.

Grocery Stores & Markets in Ocean City, NJ

If you need to pick up cereal, eggs, milk or bread, you can choose from a number of grocery stores in Ocean City, NJ, that can meet all of your basic needs. They’re easily accessible by car or bike, and you’re bound to bump into neighbors out doing their shopping as well. Some stores even deliver if you can’t get out to the store yourself or need extra assistance.

Our local markets include:

Acme Markets:

  • 8th St. & West Ave., 609.814.9780
  • 34th St. & Simpson Ave., 609.525.2160

Blitz's Markets:

  • 2100 Asbury Ave., 609.399.9983
  • 3360 Asbury Ave., 609.399.1343

Boyar's Market:

  • 1340 Asbury Ave., 609.399.1343
  • 201 55th St., 609.399.9980, open in the summer only

Produce Markets in Ocean City, NJ

Fresh produce can make a real difference in a meal. When you add ripe strawberries to a tart or roast just-picked asparagus in the oven, you know you’re in for something special. Going to one of these specialty markets, you can enjoy browsing the brightly colored fruits and veggies that will add sparkle to your next meal. Local produce markets include:

34th Street Farm & Garden Center:

  • 34th & West Ave., 609.399.6431

Ocean City Farmer's Market:

  • In the summertime, every Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to Noon at the Tabernacle Grounds, 6th St. and Asbury Ave.

Fresh Seafood in Ocean City, NJ

We have a couple of excellent seafood sellers who can set you up with the perfect ingredients for a seafood gumbo, fish fry or crab cake. You can also treat yourself to these markets’ take out menus for something special.

16th Street Seafood:

  • 16th St. & Haven Ave., 609.399.0016 (closed for the winter)

Spadafora's Seafood Market:

  • 932 Haven Ave., 609.398.6703 (closed for the winter)

Captain Obadiah's Seafood Market:

  • 321 Roosevelt Boulevard, Marmora, 609.390.3474

Wherever you choose to buy your food in Ocean City, NJ, you will find warm and welcoming vendors who are happy to give you advice on what to buy and what delicious new recipes to try. Enjoy your time cooking and feasting in OCNJ.